Unemployment Done Right

In April I parted ways with my employer for the last two years, Paperless Post. It was unexpected and stressful, but it also felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. It had been clear to me for months that we had a mismatch of understanding and values and the work environment was not one where I could thrive.

The timing was almost perfect as my lease in Fort Greene would be ending at the end of May. I started looking for jobs in London and had a few promising leads. Most notably a position at the design studio Ustwo that I was feeling nervously optimistic about.

I was very disappointed when things didn’t work out with Ustwo and briefly returned to the job hunt before I had a moment where I asked myself why I was in such a hurry to get back to the grind. Immediately I started looking up airfares and within a few days my plans started coming together.

I knew that I wanted this to be more than a holiday, so I decided from the start to commit to integrate self study and learning with my travels. I am lugging my laptop along so I can work on my technical skills, including ones that kept the Ustwo position just out of reach for now.

I have also wanted to address my addiction to stimulation. For example, I rarely watch a TV show or movie without simultaneously playing a game on my phone or browsing Reddit. Sitting patiently without engaging myself in some activity is extremely difficult. A strict practice of meditation seemed the best way to address this, so I applied for a 7-day course in Chiang Mai.

With all that to consider, here is my final itinerary:

Beijing: 6/12 – 6/19
Seoul: 6/19 – 6/24
Siem Riep: 6/24 – 7/2
Chiang Mai: 7/2 – 7/30
Hawaii: 7/30-8/6

I’m already over a week in to my trip, so I will be posting about my experiences retrospectively and back dating the posts.

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