Taking Care of Business

Since I was heading up to the temple soon, I didn’t want to commit myself to much for my first few days in Chiang Mai. I knew I wanted to visit a dentist, go to the Crossfit gym, and maybe meet up with some Couchsurfers.

The dentist was easy. Mah had a recommendation so I went to check out their prices for a new crown. It wasn’t going to be as cheap as Cambodia would have been but still a good deal compared to the U.S.  They aren’t booked full like American dentists so scheduling was a piece of cake– they weren’t even pissed when twice I managed to miss my appointment.

Dental and medical tourism has been huge in Thailand for years, and although prices have gone up with demand it’s still a great value for anyone needing serious dental work. My crown was going to cost me half what it would with insurance in the states. And spoiler alert, it turned out great.

Cambodia’s entry in to the scene was news to me, but my friend Shin from Shu’s guesthouse had done some research. Cambodia invested heavily in training up dentists once their war ended, and they were mostly trained in Thailand. The quality is high, and the prices are dirt cheap. I paid $8 for a tooth cleaning there and another woman was paying about $10 per filling. Crowns start at $100. I was very tempted to postpone Chiang Mai but it seemed too much hassle.

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